Bathymetry Notebooks and Tools

Full Salish Sea Domain Bathymetry

  • SalishSeaBathy.ipynb: Documents the full domain bathymetry used for the Salish Sea NEMO runs. The notebook includes:

    • Conversion of the bathymetry data from the 2-Oct-2013 WC3_PREP tarball to a netCDF4 dataset with zlib compression enabled for all variables and least_significant_digit=1 set for the depths (Bathymetry) variable.

    • Clipping of the depths such that depths between 0 and 4m are set to 4m and depths greater than 428m (the deepest value in the Strait of Georgia) are set to 428m.

    • Algorithmic smoothing

Initial Sub-domain Test Bathymetry

  • SalishSeaSubdomainBathy.ipynb: Documents the bathymetry used for the initial Salish Sea NEMO runs on a sub-set of the whole region domain. The sub-domain bathymetry was used for the runs known as JPP and WCSD_RUN_tide_M2_OW_ON_file_DAMP_ANALY. The notebook includes 2 approaches to smoothing to bathymetry to get a successful 72 hour NEMO-3.4 run with M2 tidal forcing:

    • Manual smoothing based on depth adjustments at the locations where test runs failed

    • Algorithmic smoothing applied to the entire sub-domain

  • netCDF4bathy.ipynb: Documents the creation of a netCDF4 bathymetry file from the algorithmic smoothed bathymetry with zlib compression enabled for all variables. The resulting file is about 1/6 the size (227 kb in contrast to 1.6 Mb)

Bathymetric Attributed Grid (BAG) Datasets