Python Version

Marlin is developed and tested under Python 2.7.


Marlin depends on the pysvn library. On salish pysvn is installed as the system-side python-svn package. Include it in the virtualenv in which Marlin is installed by symlinking it into the virtualenv site-packages/ directory.

Marlin also depends on the SalishSeaTools Package hg_commands Module

Details of how to install both of these dependencies are included in the Basic Installation section below.

Basic Installation

  1. Create a marlin virtualenv:

    $ cd /data/dlatorne/.virtualenvs/
    $ virturalenv marlin
  2. Symlink pysvn into the marlin virtualenv site-packages/ directory:

    $ cd /data/dlatorne/.virtualenvs/marlin/lib/python2.7/site-packages/
    $ ln -s /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pysvn
  3. Activate the marlin virtualenv and install the SalishSeaTools and Marlin packages in editable mode:

    $ . /data/dlatorne/.virtualenvs/marlin/bin/activate
    (marlin)$ cd /data/dlatorne/MEOPAR/tools/
    (marlin)$ pip install --no-deps -e SalishSeaTools
    (marlin)$ pip install -e Marlin

Source Code

The source code is hosted on GitHub:

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs through the GitHub project: marked with “Marlin” as a label.