SalishSeaTools Package Installation and Use

SalishSeaTools is a Python 3 package that provides a collection of Python modules that facilitate code reuse for the Salish Sea MEOPAR project.

These instructions assume that:

To install the SalishSeaTools package in your root Anaconda or Miniconda environment use:

$ cd tools
$ pip install --editable SalishSeaTools

The --editable option in the pip install commands installs the packages via symlinks so that changes in the package modules will be automatically available in your working environment as the repo evolves.

The SalishSeaTools package can also be installed in an isolated conda environment. The common use case for doing so it development, testing, and documentation of the package; please see the SalishSeaTools Package Development section for details.

To use the package in your Jupyter Notebooks or Python scripts import the package:

import salishsea_tools


or import modules from it:

from salishsea_tools import nc_tools